Glass FAQ

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Why choose to work with GGI?

With GGI, you get our guarantee of stellar quality, selection and customer service. Our facilities house the most modern, state-of-the-art fabricating equipment and our entire team is dedicated to quality assurance. We offer an unparalleled inventory of standard products and highly-developed custom product capabilities. And, our team will work directly with your team to ensure satisfaction.

At what stage in my project should I contact GGI?

The earlier the better. We start by helping you determine design feasibility, and then assist you through the entire process. The GGI team can advise you on product selection and specification, provide samples and mock-ups, then guide you through scheduling, production, and ultimately, on-time job-site delivery.

How can I get samples to help me make a selection?

GGI offers a variety of sampling options. Samples of standard products can be requested via this website or you can contact us by phone at 800-431-2042 for custom products.

Does GGI offer any continuing education (CES) credits?

Yes. GGI offers CES presentations on fire-rated offerings, glazing and digital printing services. Contact us for more information or to set up a presentation.

Are GGI products available throughout the U.S. and Canada?

Yes. GGI offers a variety of service options throughout North America. We have a network of distributors and fabricators that stock a variety of our standard products. We also ship direct depending on product/project requirements.


What is largest glass size you can temper?

We temper glass as large as 110” x 236”.

What is the smallest glass size you can temper?

We temper glass as small as 3” x 12”.

Do you offer oversized glass?

Yes, we offer tempered, laminated, silk screened and insulated glass in very large sizes. We have provided glass that is over 130″ tall and in excess of 300″ long. Through GGI’s worldwide sourcing network, we can provide glass that is much larger than that which is available domestically.

Can you insulate glass?

Yes, we produce dual-seal insulated glass units with a 10-year warranty.

Do you make all glass architectural doors?

Yes, we make glass architectural doors.

What hardware do you use for your all glass architectural doors?

While we will supply you with the hardware that best meets your specific requirements, we work with major hardware manufacturers including CRL, DAMS Incorporated, Blumcraft and Dorma.

Do you sell fire-rated glass?

Yes, we are UL approved fabricators and distributors of Schott PYRAN® ceramic glass. The product line includes Platinum, Platinum film and Platinum laminated. We also fabricate and distribute polished wired glass.

Will you deliver my order to a job site?

Yes, we will deliver to your job site. There is an extra charge for this service, but we are happy to deliver your order to the job site at a pre-determined time.

Is wood crating available?

Yes, we can crate your order for an additional charge.

Do you offer boom truck service?

Yes, GGI offers boom truck service.

How much does glass typically weigh?

1/4″ glass weighs approximately 3.2 pounds per square foot. 1/2″ glass weighs twice as much, at approximately 6.4 pounds per square foot. 3/4” glass weighs approximately 9.2 pounds per square foot.

Can GGI produce glass cut to very tight tolerances or cut to an unusual shape?

Yes. We have the latest computerized equipment to drill, notch, shape cut, polish and bevel glass. Please contact us to discuss your next challenging project.


What sizes of glass are kept in stock?

GGI keeps a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses in stock for easy and fast delivery. Specific sizes can be found on our standard inventory list, and on the Product Section of our website.

Are non-standard sizes of glass available?

Yes. GGI can often acquire non-standard sizes by special order, depending on the product. Special orders may result in longer lead times and increased costs. If you require a size not in stock, please ask us to help you get the glass you need.

Are non-standard thicknesses available?

Yes, non-standard thicknesses are available depending on the product and the thickness required. Certain products such as rolled glass are not available in all thicknesses due to technical issues, or may require very large production runs. Acid-etched patterns, however, are available in a much wider range of thicknesses.

In which direction do patterns run?

Usually the lines, ribs or reeds of the pattern run parallel to the longer dimension.

How many lites are there per case?

Lites per case vary for each product. Please look at the product section of our website or call our customer service department at 800-431-2042 for details.

Is low-iron glass available?

Yes, low-iron glass is available in certain product lines. And, acid-etched patterns are readily available in low iron, with quantities as small as one case.

Can products be tempered or laminated?

Yes. Most products can be tempered and/or laminated. Some of our specialty glass products, however, are art glass and tempering may be very difficult. Specifics for each product are listed on the individual product pages.

Are there special handling instructions for cutting, tempering or cleaning glass?

Certain products require special handling, most commonly acid-etched glass. Please contact us at 800-431-2042 for specific instructions on handling and maintaining these products.

Can you help me match a decorative product not listed on your website?

Yes. We can often identify the product you need based on the product name, code #, a good picture, or better yet, a small sample. Many products are known by different names, so the product you need might be in stock! If it is not in stock, we can usually get it or find a close alternate through our worldwide sourcing network.


What is Alice®?

Alice is GGI’s new and innovative, digital, direct-to-glass printing technology that allows any design to be printed on glass quickly and cost-effectively.

How long do images last when printed on glass?

Digital images printed directly to glass using GGI’s Alice technology are permanent.

How are images printed on glass?

Alice printing starts with the creation of an image using any current graphics design program. Once the electronic file is created, GGI technicians 1) match colors, 2) scale the image to the correct size, 3) determine the right panel layout, 4) create printing files and then 5) print edge-to-edge creative designs while permanently fusing the image into the glass.

How quickly can orders be filled?

Orders are filled much more quickly than in older, more traditional processes such as silk-screening. Most customers are able to receive final products within two to three weeks of final art/sample approval. Once orders are placed and files are created and approved, the fulfillment process is fast and easy.

Is printing on glass an expensive process?

Printing on glass is extremely affordable and cost-effective for small print runs and customized designs. For example, with Alice, there is no need for multiple screens in order to achieve multiple colors in one image.

Can images be printed on all sizes and types of glass?

Alice can print on most types of glass, including decorative and specialty glass. GGI standard production sizes range from 12”X 12” to 110”X 236” with glass thicknesses ranging from 3/16″ to 3/4″.

How high is the image resolution?

Alice prints on glass at a 720 dpi (dots per inch) resolution.

What are my color choices?

Color choices are virtually limitless with Alice. Our digital color matching process allows GGI technicians to create thousands of shades of colors and an infinite number of opacities.

Can text be printed on glass in any font?

Text, logos, lines, dots, unique designs, illustrations, photos and any other type of image can be printed on glass using Alice.

What is the warranty?

Alice products carry an unprecedented 10-year limited warranty against fading. Customers are protected against image degradation greater than 10 percent over the 10-year warranty period.