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GGI Adds Pyrobel Glass to Its Fire Rated Product Offering

GGI, a premier glass fabricator and distributor, now offers complete fire-resistive glazing systems.

Secaucus, NJ April 3, 2017: General Glass International (GGI) today announced the addition of Pyrobel  fire-resistive glass along with PyroFramesTM  and PyroDoorsTM  to their current fire-rated offering that includes Pyran Platinum, Pyroguard, and NEW WIRE fire-protective glazing products.

Pyrobel  protects against the threat of deadly radiant heat from 45 minutes up to 2 hours. Its interlayer technology eliminates unsightly black spacers and secondary seals found in gel-filled units. This allows for virtually clear-edge butt-glazing similar to non-rated glazing. Pyrobel’s  interlayers have about 40% less water content than gel interlayers, ensuring optical stability even at extreme temperatures down to -400 and up to 1220 F (-400 – 500 C ). Exceptional sound reduction and light transmission performance makes Pyrobel  the perfect choice for transparent wall assemblies separating busy corridors and gathering spaces from private offices and meeting rooms. Pyrobel  is listed in both the USA and Canada by Intertek and UL in accordance with UL 263 and ASTM E 119 with hose stream.

PyroFramesTM are rated from 45 minutes up to 2 hours, while PyroDoorsTM are rated from 20 to 90 minutes and limit temperature-rise to 2500 F at 30 minutes. Both offer the contemporary narrow sightlines typical of roll-formed steel profiles and maximum protection against the spread of radiant heat. Internal and external surface protection provided by Sendzimir galvanizing in combination with high-performance painted finishes ensures maximum lifetime durability. PyroFramesTM  and  PyroDoorsTM  are listed by Intertek in accordance with UL 263, UL 10c, and ASTM E 119 with hose stream.

“AGC chose to re-introduce Pyrobel  products to the North American marketplace by capitalizing on GGI’s proven success in distributing fire-rated glazing throughout the US and Canada,” says Jeff Griffiths, Director of Business Development.  “GGI’s national coverage and ability to service the eastern half of the US with direct delivery were seen as essential to AGC’s plan to build on their legacy of success.”

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