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Technology and Experience in Digital Printing on Glass Converge Under One Roof

Digital printing pioneer, GGI, installs Alice 2.0 in their fabrication facility

Secaucus, NJ, June 8, 2015: GGI has recently upgraded their architectural glass fabrication capabilities with the installation of Alice 2.0. This direct-to-glass, full color digital printer improves resolution to 720 dpi and makes it possible to print single pieces of glass as large as 110” x 236”. This is the largest digital printer available in the industry and the United States at this time.

“As one of the early adopters of digital frit printing directly to glass, GGI has been a leader in the industry. We’ve earned a reputation for taking on the most complex projects dreamt up by leading designers and architects,” notes Stephen Balik, Director of Architectural Sales. “With the implementation of Alice 2.0, GGI offers the latest and greatest technology along with the most experienced staff to help architects make the built environment more interesting and inspiring.”

Alice 2.0 is officially installed and operational at the GGI headquarters in Secaucus, NJ. The 24- head printer, manufactured by Dip-Tech and named “Alice” at GGI, uses six spot colors and 720 dpi to render anything from archival photography to flat art, text, patterns, true fades and full- color, original art in stunning detail. The ceramic frit ink, at only 20-40 microns, is smooth to the touch and baked into the glass during tempering for extreme durability that will not scratch, fade or peel, even in exterior applications. The print process can also be used to create custom opacity. Digital files in almost all standard formats are acceptable.

GGI will have printed samples that show Alice 2.0 capabilities at this year’s NeoCon show. Please visit us at Booth #8-4082.

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