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Welcome “Max” – GGI Adds Vertical CNC Glass Fabrication Machine

Another step in the company’s “commitment to innovation and investment in support of service.”

Secaucus, NJ, February 3, 2014: GGI announces it has completed installation of a vertical CNC finishing machine. The new glass fabrication machine allows GGI to provide precision-controlled, completely automated milling, drilling, notching, and polishing of oversized glass up to 102” x 236”.

“We’ve named the machine Max,” notes CEO David Balik. “The name refers not only to the maximum size glass we can now handle, but also honors our great grandfather, Max Balik, who founded the company in 1900. His commitment to innovation, investment and customer service are principles that still inspire us today.”

“Max” also has an integrated washer, dryer, and inspection area. This seamless approach from raw glass to fabricated product allows glass to move through GGI’s factory with less handling, which reduces the chance of chipping or scratching.

“Our customers demand tight tolerances and short lead times for their high-profile projects,” notes John Bush, VP of Operations. “Max allows us to increase the size and quality of glass we can produce, which means we’re not only leading the way with heavy, oversized glass fabrication, but we’re better serving our clients.”

The machine is manufactured by Intermac, an Italian company that produces machines that automate the operations of high-accuracy grinding, polishing, drilling, and more for glass and stone products.

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