Decorative Glass


Decorative glass can add beauty, light, privacy and a feeling of space to the interior or exterior of almost any kind of building. A versatile and sustainable material, decorative glass opens up a wide range of opportunities for artistic expression. It enables designers to bring their vision to life with architectural and interior design features that also meet a variety of functional and sustainability requirements.

GGI is an expert source for the widest range of decorative glass, as well as specialty and standard glass products, for architecture and interior design. We are also a knowledgeable resource for architects and interior design professionals who wish to learn more about using decorative glass in their designs and/or need assistance in optimizing graphics for digitally printed glass.

The various technologies and techniques used to create decorative glass mean there is virtually no limit on the artistic potential of glass for architecture and interior decoration. Whatever your inspiration, whatever your vision, glass can play a role in turning great design into great spaces for living, working and playing.


The wide range of GGI decorative glass products includes:

  • AliceĀ® direct-to-glass digital ceramic printing, powered by Dip-Tech, enables any design for decorative glass in any color and size for exterior and interior architecture and design, and public art.
  • Back-painted glass in a wide range of colors, including custom-matched colors, is ideal for use as wall-cladding, backsplashes and more.
  • Satin-etched glass, with permanent patterns in the glass, is ideal for widely varied features in commercial and residential spaces, such as room dividers, glass inserts for doors, shower enclosures, table and counter tops, and more.