EnduroShield is a coating that is designed protect glass surfaces from corrosion caused by excessive exposure to water, high-humidity, minerals, dirt and other contaminants. Ideal for both commercial and residential glass applications, the coating can be applied to clear and ultra-clear low iron glass, keeping it looking clean and clear.  

As a certified fabricator of EnduroShield, GGI can apply this ultra-thin, permanent coating to one or both glass surfaces using the EnduroShield X-Line High Speed automated coating equipment. The machine-applied coating process provides a more uniform, durable coating designed to provide a maximum level of protection.

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The Enduroshield coating chemically bonds to the glass, transforming it into a high-performing, hydrophobic surface that is both water and oil repellent. This corrosion resistant coating protects the treated glass surface against staining and etching caused by water, high-humidity, minerals, dirt and other contaminants.


Minimize cleaning time – Reduction in both frequency and time spent cleaning as the glass repels both water, oil, minerals and dirt

Protect against staining – Eliminates the need for harsh and often toxic cleaners and reducing the need for replacement glass

Protect against sun damage – High resistance to UV rays, making coated glass highly suitable for exterior and interior applications

Protects your investment – EnduroShield saves money by protecting the investment made in high-end glass applications, reducing the need to replace due to corrosion and keeping the glass looking clean and clear

Environmentally responsible – The coating can be considered as a potential contributor to LEED credits


Recommended Applications

  • Shower enclosures
  • All-glass entrances
  • Glass handrails
  • Office partition walls
  • Pool enclosures
  • Skylights
  • Solar panels
  • Structural glass facades
  • Sunrooms
  • Windows