Machine applied in-house, ensuring uniform coverage, EnduroShield chemically bonds to the glass, transforming it into a high-performance, hydrophobic surface, while protecting against staining and etching. The ultra-thin and permanent coating is invisible, and unlike other coatings that can only be applied to clear and low iron glass, EnduroShield can be applied to acid etched glass, digitally-printed glass and patterned glass. 

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Minimize cleaning time – Reduction in both frequency and time spent cleaning as the glass is protected from most forms of dirt, minerals and grime

Protect against staining – Eliminates the need for harsh and often toxic cleaners and reducing the need for replacement glass

Protect against sun damage – High resistance to UV rays, making coated glass highly suitable for exterior and interior applications

Environmentally responsible – Can be considered as a potential contributor to LEED credits


Recommended Applications

  • Shower doors
  • Office walls
  • Pool fences
  • Insulating glass
  • Structural glass facades
  • Solar panels
  • Glass entrances