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GGI Debuting New Decorative Glass Solutions at AIA ’18

New colors, patterns and functionality expand design options for architects and designers

Secaucus, NJ – May 16, 2018—GGI (General Glass International) will debut multiple decorative glass solutions at the AIA Conference on Architecture 2018, June 21-23 in New York City. In addition to the company’s full range of fabricated and specialty glass products, GGI will introduce 28 new environmentally friendly back-painted glass colors, new glass marker boards and back-painted options for the Noonan Collection.

“We want architects and designers to have unlimited options when it comes to designing with glass, which is why we continue to innovate new products and expand our existing collections.” says, Stephen Balik, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Alice® Direct-to-Glass Printing: The Noonan Collection

The Noonan Collection designed exclusively for GGI by artist Jeremy Noonan includes 16 contemporary patterns. Each of these artistic expressions can be customized to the color, scale and opacity desired. Create an even more unique aesthetic by inverting the pattern and adding back-painting to the design.

Environmentally Friendly Back-Painted Glass: 28 New Colors

Architects and designers will be able to preview 28 new back-painted glass colors. These durable, water-soluble colors are applied to ultra-transparent low iron glass resulting in the purest color representation.

New Glass Marker Boards: Magnetic and Non-Magnetic

Magnetic or non-magnetic marker boards: the choice is yours. These custom designed marker boards are available single or double-sided for added functionality, including any custom logo, design or color scheme.

Visit booth #4743 to learn more about GGI’s complete range of fabricated and specialty glass solutions. The GGI team will have a list available of project work to visit in New York for an up-close look at the company’s products and custom fabrication capabilities. information email us at sales@generalglass.com, or visit www.seewhatglasscando.com.

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