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Pyrobel 45,60,90, and 120 is laminated fire resistant glass manufactured by AGC, and fabricated by GGI.



  • Multiple intumescent interlayers provide safe passage by blocking the transmittance of deadly heat.
  • Advanced interlayer technology eliminates obtrusive black spacers and secondary seals found on gel-filled units.  Allowing for virtually clear-edge butt-glazing similar to non-rated glazing.
  • Having 40% less water content than gel-filled  units ensures optical stability even at extreme temperatures up to -40 to 122 F (-40 to 50 C).
  • Exceptional sound reduction and light transmission makes it the perfect choice for interior transparent wall assemblies separating busy corridors and gathering spaces from private offices and meeting rooms.
  • Can be combined with any of GGI’s decorative glass options, any ballistic or high-impact resistant glazing, or any energy performance enhancing glazing chosen for use in non-rated assemblies, insuring uniformity throughout the building.
  • Listed for use in door and framing systems available from GGI to insure compliance with applicable building codes and tested performance.
  • Listed in the USA and Canada by Intertek and UL in accordance with UL 10c, UL 263 and ASTM E 119 with hose stream.



Pyrobel 45 Data SheetPyrobel 45 Specification – PDF,  Pyrobel 45 Specification – Word
Pyrobel 60 Data SheetPyrobel 60 Specification – PDF,  Pyrobel 60 Specification – Word

Pyrobel 90 Data SheetPyrobel 90 Specification – PDF,  Pyrobel 90 Specification – Word
Pyrobel 120 Data SheetPyrobel 120 Specification – PDF, Pyrobel 120 Specification – Word



Pyrobel UL Listings
Pyrobel Intertek Listing
Pyrobel Warranty
ASTM Test Report

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