Glass Marker Boards

GGI glass marker boards can be customized to meet most any specification and volume requirement, whether it’s a unique wall-to-wall design for a conference room, design studio or corporate office lobby—or a smaller size, bulk ordered for use in classrooms, offices or hospital patient rooms.


  • Available magnetic and non-magnetic
  • Choose 1-sided or 2-sided
  • Select from a range of standard or custom back-painted glass colors
  • Alice® direct-to-glass printing available for custom logo’s and artwork
  • Custom fabrication includes shapes, cut-outs, holes and notches
  • Easy to clean, no staining
  • No special cleaning solutions required
  • Non-porous hygienic surface

Information & Samples

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Make a conference room wall, so much more. Make it functional workspace. Add a company logo and create a notepad size marker board that’s easy to reuse and take where ever you go. And, do glass marker boards really need to be white? GGI doesn’t think so. Create a conference room wall with a splash of color that offers both function and design. How about a two-sided glass marker board that looks like a chalkboard, but without the chalk dust. Or, a design that becomes a visual aide for a doctor’s office or in hospital patient rooms.

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