Ornilux® Bird Protection Glass

Researchers estimate that hundreds of millions of birds are killed each year in North America due to collisions with glass on human-built structures, making bird collisions one of the most significant causes of avain mortality globally. ORNILUX provides bird protection without compromising thermal performance or light transmission.

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  • Provides bird collision mitigation with a high level of transparency
  • Tested and approved “Effective” rating from American Bird Conservancy
  • May be used as a triple-laminated glass, or as part of an insulated glass unit
  • Can be heat-strengthened or tempered
  • Available from GGI in cases only



It is important to understand general strategies for bird-friendly design in choosing appropriate solutions, and also that no treatment reduces 100% of collisions. ORNILUX works on the principle of UV reflectance and therefore requires exposure to natural light for optimal signal strength of the pattern. Design elements such as deep overhangs or installation of ORNILUX on the interior of a building may minimize effectiveness. And design elements that attract birds (such as bird feeders) should be avoided or appropriately positioned, as they can increase the amount of bird collisions.

According to American Bird Conservancy’s Bird Smart Glass program, “no window product, including ABC-tested products, can guarantee elimination of window collisions. Results will vary depending on local bird populations, landscape conditions, product used, and building design.”

More information about bird-friendly design techniques can be found at American Bird Conservancy Design Guidelines and Bird Smart Glass, and San Francisco Standards for Bird-Safe Buildings, or feel free to contact a GGI representative for assistance.