Spandrel Glass

GGI is an Approved Factory Fabricator of OPACI-COAT-300® ideal for spandrel glass applications and wall-cladding. Spandrel is an opaque glass solution designed for non-vision applications. Manufactured by ICD High Performance Coatings + Chemistries, this environmentally friendly water-based silicone coating is typically used on the building façade to obscure the view of mechanical systems, insulation, slab ends and other unsightly construction components.


  • GGI is a trained & certified fabricator
  • Virtually unlimited opaque color palette
  • Formulated for spandrel & wall-cladding
  • For use in building facades and interiors
  • Custom color matching & batch consistency
  • Environmentally friendly lead-free paint
  • Ultra-low volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)
  • Fallout resistance on fully tempered glass if applied at 13 mils
  • Can be applied on any glass type, annealed, or heat-treated
  • Does not weaken tempered or heat-strengthened glass
  • Can be used monolithically, or as part of an IGU
  • Spandrel glass is designed for non-vision areas

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GGI offers OPACI-COAT-300® in 16 Standard colors that are widely used in the glass industry, plus an endless array of custom colors ideal for full-flood applications. Feel free to contact us for design assistance.

*Colors may differ in shade based on your computer monitor screen settings – we recommend ordering a free physical sample for in-person review.



GGI is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council in support of sustainable building design and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.