The Vermont
The Vermont

The Vermont consist of two luxury residential towers located in the historic Koreatown area of Los Angeles. The Jerde Partnership commissioned Artist Cliff Garten who designed the “Heart of Compassion” public sculpture that spans a large area above the entrance to the building. Garten also designed the artwork used on the glass handrail system. With the same theme in mind, this transparent work of art is one continuous design captured by Alice®—GGI’s direct-to-glass printing process. Each panel consist of custom fabricated low-iron tempered glass with a unique “portion” of the design, which was then laminated 25mm [1”] overall to create the glass handrail systems that complements Garten’s showcase on the elevation of the building.

Alice® Direct-to-glass printing on 25mm low-iron, tempered and laminated glass
Jerde Partnership
Cliff Garten
Walters & Wolf
Los Angeles, CA