GGI takes pride in delivering products that support sustainable building design and lives this commitment to sustainability within its own operations. The company’s leadership supports a culture that demonstrates social responsibility and pursues business practices that protect the environment. This is evident through GGI’s endeavors to conserve energy, preserve our natural resources and protect the environment beyond established environmental laws and regulations.



As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), GGI offers innovative architectural, decorative and life-safety glass solutions that can contribute to sustainable design and help achieve LEED credits in five categories.

  • Energy & Atmosphere (EA)
  • Materials & Resources (MR)
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ)
  • Innovative Design Process (ID)
  • Regional Priority (RP)

Contact for additional information on products sold by GGI that are Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certified or that offer Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) documents.


Here are a few of the ways that our environmentally friendly products help achieve LEED credits and contribute to sustainable building design.

  • GGI offers a variety of glass solutions that provide potential LEED credits based on increased daylighting, greater indoor comfort, energy-efficiency and bird collision deterrence [LEED Credit 55].
  • GGI’s Alice® direct-to-glass printing process uses heavy metal-free inks that do not contain lead or cadmium. This environmentally friendly product is fully recyclable.
  • GGI utilizes low VOC water-soluble paint and a less energy-intensive low-temperature curing process to produce back-painted glass.
  • GGI offers ORNILUX® Bird Protection Glass approved by the American Bird Conservancy to protect against bird-glass collisions.
  • PYRAN® Platinum glass ceramic is manufactured without hazardous heavy metals antimony or arsenic, which are normally used as refining agents. The product is recyclable at the end of product life.


  • GGI operates various types of equipment that utilize variable speed drives and computer-controlled variable frequency drives. These solutions reduce power consumption when full operation is not required.
  • GGI has installed energy-efficient LED lighting with motion sensors that shut off the lighting when the area is not in use.
  • GGI is part of a voluntary curtailment program for electricity, which means the company will shut down as requested by the utility on days of high electrical demand.
  • GGI’s recycling program extends throughout its operations, from the office to the production floor. The company recycles clear glass, paper, plastics, cardboard and wood, and has designated disposal containers for this purpose.
  • GGI recycles and reuses the water that runs certain through equipment, such as vertical polishers. Automatic valves shut off water when not in use. Water utilized in equipment that does not support recycling goes through a settling system before discharging to the drain.

GGI continues to explore new ways to build more sustainably. If you’re ready to work with a partner that’s as committed to sustainability as you, contact GGI at today.